Trending Instagram Hashtags

Trending Hashtags is a great tool to maximize your Instagram reach by making use of trending hashtags in your posts.

Success on social media platforms is all about being relevant in the moment. The name of the game is Trending. Ideas, posts, photos, videos, memes that are trending among millions of users one day can be completely forgotten in less than a week. So, if you want to get the biggest bang from every post you make on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else), you need to be clued in to what is trending at all times.

Just as there are different ideas and topics that trend at different times, there are trending hashtags that can get your posts many more eyeballs than usual. The trick is to know what these trending hashtags are.

So, the million-dollar question is: How to find trending hashtags?

One way to do this is to manually research the most popular posts on a particular social network. This is slightly easier on Twitter where the top trending tags are displayed all the time. But, on Instagram, you will have to spend hours going through the most popular posts to figure out the trendiest hashtags.

The other, smarter, cooler way is to use the Trending Hashtags option from Tagmentor. Sit back comfortably and let its innovative system do all the hard work for you. Once it presents you with the top 100 latest trending hashtags, take some inspiration and post your content for the maximum likes and followers.

If you are an active Instagrammer, you would know that there are two categories of trending hashtags on Instagram.

Always-trending hashtags: #love #instadaily #instagram # photooftheday and #life are some examples of these. These are always popular, but are also used by far too many posts. #love, for example, has been used in more than a billion Instagram posts till now! Needless to say, if you use it, it’s not going to help your post stand out. Using one or two of these does keep your content relevant, though.

Live-trending hashtags: These are more topical hashtags, which become trending depending on events as specific as release of a movie (#Avengers) or as general as the changing of seasons (#valentinesday, #autumnwind). Taking ideas from these gets your posts a large number of viewers in a very short time because people are likely to be specifically looking for these topics.

The Trending Hashtags tool helps you with both kinds of hashtags, giving you the widest choice possible to sharpen your content marketing strategy.

Using the most relevant hashtags, inspired by the trendiest topics, is the smartest way to improve your branding. In the world of social media, branding is as important to a company as it is to individual Instagrammers.

With Trending Hashtags, get your Instagram branding right like a pro, without spending any money and without wasting time on manual research.