Text to Hashtag Converter

Text to Hashtag Converter, as the name suggests, is a super-convenient way to automatically insert hashtags into any piece of text.

Type/paste a sentence or a paragraph in the required field, click on the button, and let this efficient hashtag maker do all the work.

Voila! You now have a whole collection of hashtags to choose from. Just pick the most relevant ones and use directly in your posts. Or just copy the entire lot and paste it where you are posting your content.

Save time by avoiding pointless manual hashtag insertion when technology allows you to do it much faster and for free!

This hashtag generator works best for Instagram, where the use of a large number of hashtags is encouraged.

But even the content on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube these days gets a lot more eyeballs with a few choice tags.

Get more people to discover your content, no matter which social media platform you are active on, by using hashtags generated within a fraction of a second by the Text to Hashtag Converter.

Here’s a scenario for you. Imagine you have posted an awesome image from your birthday party with friends from the previous night on Instagram. You have the option of posting the image only with the caption “Birthday Party with Friends.” Or you could post it with hashtags: #Birthday #Party #Friends.

Which option will get you more views? And, hence, more likes and comments?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you will know, whether it’s Instagram or any other social media platform, the post with hashtags will get you much better user engagement. In fact, at least 25-30% better in this case!

Plus, you will also get to see what other users are posting under these hashtags. If you really want to excel at social media networking, knowing what’s being done by others is as important as working on your own strategies.

Relevant and smartly-used hashtags are essential to get other people – those who are outside your immediate friend circle – to discover your great content. It is also how you come across posts that are useful to you among the mass of unimportant data churned out by millions of users every second.

All this is made possible only when your content is accompanied with useful hashtags.

But do you really want to waste time typing in these “#” characters when there are so many other elements to take care of? Even if you can afford the time, this tedious work takes away all the fun away from enjoying social networking.

Let Tagmentor’s algorithms handle the monotonous work of generating hashtags from simple text – make better use of the time you save by clicking another great picture or commenting on another contact’s post.