Popular Instagram Hashtags

#pushpullgrind #envywear #noexcuses #foodgasm #gamerguy

What’s common to these Instagram hashtags? These aren’t just random words, obviously. Each of these tags is used for a very specific category – bodybuilding, fashion, motivation, eating out, and gaming, respectively.

Depending on your target audience, you will use one of these or any other hashtags. Most Instagram users who see the hashtag will immediately know what category your post falls into. The result is a more efficient system of exchange of ideas on a platform where over 800 photos get posted every second.

But, how do you know which hashtags to use for which category? Even within a particular category, which combination of hashtags gets you more views and likes? After all, with only 30 hashtags allowed per post by Instagram, you want to ensure each one you use helps capture some more viewers.

This is where the amazing Instagram Hashtags directory from Tagmentor comes in.

This comprehensive and carefully curated directory provides you access to a wide range of hashtags for different categories of posts. You can check out the most popular ones. You can mix and match between generic and unique ones. Most importantly, you can take the guessing element out of composing an optimal set of hashtags for every Instagram post.

The importance of using the right set of hashtags – both in terms of popularity and number – cannot be overstated. Whether you are a business interested in finding buyers for your unique products and services or an individual Instagrammer looking to expand your group of followers, choosing the right hashtags can work wonders.

Instagram also allows people to follow hashtags now. By choosing the most relevant hashtags, you can get a large number of followers who are interested in specific topics. Every update you make after that using that specific hashtag will get seen by all the followers of that topic across the world.

But using hashtags effectively on Instagram is a multi-stage strategy. To get the best results from the Instagram Hashtags directory, use it in combination with the following steps:

Research your audience – Do not simply use the most popular hashtags. Find out what your target audience is searching for, what it is interested in. Use hashtags based on your target audience’s interests, and you will attract more followers.

Research your competitors – Look at the hashtags your competitors are using to drive engagement. Do not copy those hashtags exactly, but take ideas from them for the kind of tags that can work with your posts.

Research influencers – Instagram macro influencers have more than 100K followers and make up to $100K per sponsored post. Identify the influencers in the category of your interest and see what kind of hashtags they are using to engage their followers.

Once you have gathered a few ideas, check out the Instagram Hashtags directory, pick out a block of hashtags, and set yourself on the path of becoming an Instagram influencer yourself!