Instagram Hashtag Counter

Instagram Hashtag Counter is a very useful tool that lets you quickly calculate the number of hashtags in a piece of content.

It’s a completely free, automated, and super-cool feature that saves you time by keeping track of the hashtags you are using in everything you post online.

But, why do you need a hashtag counter in the first place?

Good question. And, here’s why.

Hashtags used to be shorthand for the word “number” till some time back. Instagram and other social media networks have completely changed the word’s meaning now. “Hashtag” was the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year for 2012, showing how powerful its effect is on our daily lives.

Hashtags are used to cross-reference content on most social media platforms, but its use on Instagram is probably the most critical. And utilizing them in the best possible manner can be overwhelming even for some expert social media users. Use too few and you are not reaching the number of viewers your content deserves to. Use too many and you will come across as too desperate. Use the wrong kind, and you miss out on quality followers and can even get shadow-banned.

Therefore, prioritizing the hashtags you use with every post is key to social media success. The quality and the quantity of hashtags are equally important.

And this is where an efficient and fast Hashtag Counter comes in. Tagmentor’s Instagram Hashtag Counter helps you in the following ways:

Stay within the max. limit: If you are an active Instagram user, you would know that the network allows a maximum of 30 hashtags for each post. If you exceed this number, your post will simply not come up. Instagram will just post the photo without any text or hashtags. All the effort you have put into clicking a striking photo, composing a beautiful caption, and collecting relevant hashtags gets wasted if you don’t keep track of the number of tags.

Optimize the number of tags you use: If you are a seasoned social networker, you would know that the quality of your post is not directly proportional to the number of hashtags. In fact, the most liked, commented, and followed posts generally tend to use between 10 to 15 hashtags only. With the Hashtag Counter, you can ensure that the number of hashtags in your posts always stays within the limit you want.

Work smart, save time: If you are an efficient online marketer, whether you are selling your company’s products or yourself, you understand the value of time. Smart marketers use automation wherever possible, so that they can focus on creating eye-catching content, keeping a tab on competition, and coming up with unique ways to stand out. They don’t spend precious seconds counting and recounting the number of tags they are using in every post.

Stop counting your hashtags manually! Use the Hashtag Counter and see how much more enjoyable playing around with hashtags can be!