Instagram Hashtags Generator

Did you know?

Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% higher engagement.

Are you spending too much time worrying about which hashtags to choose for your Instagram posts? Does searching for that perfect set of hashtags seem tiring? Interested in figuring out the hashtags that get you the most likes, comments, and followers?

No wonder finding the right hashtags for an Instagram post has been considered a difficult art to master, and rightly so.

At least, till now.

With the free hashtag generator at Tagmentor, mastering the art of Instagram hashtags gets easier than ever before.

Here’s how Tagmentor’s Instagram hashtag generator helps you:

Save time – You already know that time is money. Why waste precious time on thinking up innovative hashtags when you can spend it on developing your social networking strategy? Just enter a keyword into this fully automated service and get a page-full of related hashtags that are proven to be the most effective on Instagram.

Give a boost to your reach – It is a misconception that the more tags you use the higher the audience you can reach. 50,000 photos are posted on Instagram every minute. In this crowd, if your tags do not stand out or are irrelevant, people just ignore your posts. Increase your reach like never before by generating hashtags the way smart people do.

Target the right audience – Using relevant keywords and hashtags maximizes the chance that your posts are being seen by the people actually interested in your content. Obviously, this gets you more likes, more useful comments, and a much higher number of quality followers.

Avoid spam – Too much good content on Instagram gets wasted because it is posted with generic, spammy hashtags. #photooftheday, #instagood, and #love might be popular tags, but will harm you if they are not relevant to your post. Make every Instagram post count with clever hashtags that work.

Make money – More and more people are using Instagram to discover brands and get ideas for their next purchase. Whether you are a business interested in selling products or services or an individual interested in becoming an Instagram influencer, the only way to attract the right eyeballs is by using hashtags like a pro

And, best of all, it’s completely free! Tagmentor’s proprietary and FREE Instagram hashtag generator brings all the above benefits, and more, to you without you having to spend a single dime.

What’s more, these hashtags can work equally effectively on other social networks too. With hashtags becoming popular on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, you can now spread your influence across multiple platforms with one click!