Download Instagram Stories

The Download Instagram Stories tool is the most efficient way to save all the unique and beautiful Stories you come across on Instagram. Because great content should never be lost.

One of the greatest social media success stories of recent times is of Instagram Stories. Instagram has had over 400 million active Stories users within 2 years of introduction of this feature. Not just individual Instagrammers, even businesses have embraced this feature – more than 50% of business accounts on Instagram had created at least one Story within a month of the feature’s introduction.

So, what are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an Instagram feature that lets users capture and post related images and videos, along with text, drawings, emoticons, filters, and stickers. Stories can be accessed through the circular profile picture of users, so they are used to offer interesting content while keeping the main page clean. This allows users to share different moments from their daily lives, even if they don’t want to save these in their Instagram profile. Instagram Stories are also a great way for followers to get a deeper insight into the lives of people they are following, beyond the carefully curated photos that are shared normally on Instagram.

There’s a catch, of course.

Instagram Stories exist for only 24 hours. So, if you have loved a Story put up by someone, you can only watch it for a short while before it is lost forever.

Or this was the case till now.

We present to you the easy-to-use Download Instagram Stories tool, which helps you resolve this 24-hour disappearing issue.

Now, if you have loved a Story shared by someone on Instagram, you don’t have to worry about losing it. Just feed in the username and download the Story to your laptop or smartphone in a fast, easy, and clean manner. And then, watch it as many times as you want offline or share it with friends and family members.

And don’t worry; we are not going to ask you why you want to download a Story. You might want to save it as a keepsake for later viewing. You might be interested in using a Story element in your own creation. Or you might just be a devoted fan collecting all content related to your idol.

We also don’t store Instagram Stories on our own site. Think of us as the cool friend who lets you get your work done quicker and without any hassles of figuring out complicated instructions.