10 Ways to use Hashtags Effectively in 2019

Saturday, Jan 5, 2019

Today, most people leveraging Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform have the basic knowledge about what are hashtags and why do you use them.

Simply put, hashtags help in categorizing your content as well as getting more visibility on your posts as these posts are indexed by social media. Essentially, hashtags make your posts discoverable thus, helping you gain more engagement as well as followers.

The fact is everyone wants their posts to be found on Instagram. Especially when it is a cool post coupled with a ‘dope picture’, you would want people to appreciate it.

But there’s a little problem – everyone knows hashtags are essential on Instagram, but not everyone knows how to use them effectively. Interestingly, your name is about to be struck off the list of incompetent hashtag users. So, let’s note these points down, shall we?

Wondering why you should bother about hashtags in the first place?

When hashtags are used appropriately, they can -

  • Boost your social media visibility
  • Help create more awareness about your brand
  • Stimulate the social value of your post online.

Learn how to use hashtags effectively

Here are ten effective ways to use hashtags:

  1. Be direct - Try and use niche hashtags

Using hashtags that are directed towards a particular niche - sports, party, fun activities, fieldwork - works wonders. These niche hashtags can help you gain more visibility in a short span of time.

The more specific your hashtag is, the more streamlined your target audience will be, which will increase your chances of engagement. Hence, take care not to use incorrect or irrelevant tags.

For instance, if your post is about a technology update and you use #sportenthusiast, unrelated people will see it and won’t care much. Thus, use your hashtags wisely.

  1. Use locations

Using locations as hashtags is one of the best ways to get found too. Especially if you want to promote your local business using hashtags. It helps those around your business, home or school areas get the first sneak peek.

For instance, if your business is in Chicago, using variations of #Chicago like #Chicagoland, #Chicagowest, #Chicagogram is a great move.

  1. Use trending hashtags

If your goal is to create awareness, then your goal is to ‘trend now.’  A trending hashtag is one that is really popular right now or one that is the most talked about. Obviously, they change as the trend changes.  

If you come across a trending hashtag that relates to your purpose, or business, connect with it. The more informative and qualitative it is, the more people will re-share it. And before you know it, you are trending. Looks simple, doesn’t it?

  1. Use a hashtag that’s precise

We can’t stress this enough. Make sure your hashtag is unique and specific, else you run the risk of having your post stuck somewhere in the midst of thousands of other posts.

Avoid using generic hashtags because others are already doing so. Do you want to get lost in the noise of social media or do you want to stand out from your competitors?

In this instance, consider using a brand hashtag that is unique to your company or campaign to promote your course.

  1. Use fun hashtags

Another way to use hashtags effectively is by adding a little bit of spice. This may sound elusive at first, but rather than say - #quiz, or #beach, you can add more spice by saying #connecticutquizfinals, or #slayingatabeach.

The idea here is to make your hashtags sound as interesting as possible.

  1. Use hashtags in your bio

It takes quality to entice a user to look at your bio. Add hashtags to your bio so that when a user conducts a search using a hashtag, they can easily come across your profile and follow it. It is a great way to gather user-generated content and ensure qualitative engagements.

Moreover, when you add hashtags to your bio, it adds precision and functionality to it as anyone can quickly understand what the page talks in the first glance.

  1. Check Out Your Hashtag Success

You can use hashtags effectively by monitoring your own success. It is cool when you have a list of hashtags that are trending and use them, but it is more fun when you create yours and realize it is trending.

So, the idea is this, check your post activity on the different hashtags you have. When there’s a spike in your timeline after certain posts, you should take note of the hashtag and use it consistently.

  1. Do not use too many hashtags

Using too many hashtags creates the impression that you are spamming your followers or looking to inflate your followers’ account. Instagram, for instance, allows up to about 30 hashtags, but posts with about nine to eleven hashtags tend to receive the most engagement according to an analysis by TrackMaven.

  1. Do not hashtag every post

Though hashtags are tools for creating awareness, do not tag every post. It shows you are trying too hard for publicity and users find that annoying. Use them only when it makes sense.

  1. Include emojis in your hashtags

Emojis are eye-catching and can captivate the interest of a user at a glance. Hence, it makes sense that you use them along with numbers and letters. They also help you keep your hashtags short since they can even stand in for words.

So, there you have it!

10 ways to use hashtags by tagmentor.com.

Have fun with hashtags.